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Sunday 2/14/2010
Blogging Anyone?

Ninth through 12th graders:  Have you checkec out the new blog questions?  I know many of you have lots of thoughts.  Direct them!  Share them.  Click the tab on the left called Jill's Jots.  You will find the web site that you need.  Remember this is 40 points worth of required THINKING - in print.

Monday 8/17/2009
Contact Information

Contact Mrs. Smith @ McClave Schools 719-829-4517

Best times:  10-11 am or 3-4 pm

or email @  anytime. (click the link to email me NOW)

Assigned: Thursday 8/19
Due: Saturday 5/21
Metric conversions

All classes will need this conversion factor chart for the beginning of the year unit on metrics.  After using it, students will need it in practical use science lessons!!

Assigned: Monday 9/6
Due: Friday 5/20
Emergency Lesson Plans

These are EMERGENCY ONLY lesson plans.  They are applicable to ALL of my classes.

Assigned: Wednesday 9/1
Due: Friday 5/20
Scientific Method Rubric

This is a NEW scientific method form.  READ DETAILS.  What if you had to grade your own paper?

Assigned: Thursday 10/21
Due: Friday 10/29
Lesson Plans 25-28

I decided it might be helpful if I put on TWO weeks of plans.  LAST weeks plans will be helpful for students who were absent.  THIS week's plans will be helpful those who KNOW they will be absent!

Assigned: Thursday 10/14
Due: Thursday 10/21
Lesson Plans 14-21

These lesson plans are for ALL classes.

Assigned: Monday 1/11
Due: Friday 5/21
Science Phun


Printed with permission

Assigned: Monday 8/24
Due: Friday 5/21
Reference Writing

Many of you need help writing citations for my class (bibliographies).  These web sites will give you many examples that you can match up to your needs.