Fellow Teachers, I was recently privileged to attend a Microsoft teacher-leader workshop.  While there I learned many new - SIMPLE- technology skills that I would like to share with you.  On this page, I will be adding very simple skills occasionally, that may change the way you do some things and actually make projects and grading easier.  I will put nothing on here that I have not TRIED in the classroom.    This page is a work in progress so just keep checking. 

Assigned: Tuesday 4/27
Due: Monday 1/3
Windows Live Groups

The attachment will show you an example of how I used Windows Live to inhance classroom interactions. It is an amazing tool, that I have only begun to tap.  At the least, it will eliminate data storage problems, problems with students being able to connect in groups, and excuses for technical problems.  At its BEST, it is a tool that can inspire great creativity and access. My example is only a jumping off tool for you.