High School Biology

Students from Biology will find their current powerpoint on this page and SO much more!!  Watch for special announcements.

Thursday 1/14/2010
Things you will need for class:

It is a new semester. What you mostly need is a good attitude and a willingness to work hard until the end of the semester.  Check this site often for things that will make your life easier.

Assigned: Monday 11/1
Due: Friday 11/19

This is Kaylee and Zac's ppt.  Use it to study this process.  Also - you all need to make a handout.

Assigned: Monday 11/1
Due: Friday 11/19

This is the powerpoint that Kelsey and Dillion made about Osmosis.  Especially review the principles of hyper, hypo and isotonic solutions.

Assigned: Wednesday 10/20
Due: Thursday 11/4
Ch 5 Outline

If you prefer to complete a digital copy of the outline, it is attached.  You will be turning it in with your open note quiz, so you will need to keep a copy for yourself.

Assigned: Thursday 9/30
Due: Friday 10/8
Cell Games

I will be at the Swink KB on Monday Oct 4.  You will be required to access this link.  Go to the cell games document and it will tell you what to do from there.  These will also be good activities to review for the test!!

Assigned: Wednesday 9/29
Due: Friday 10/8
Ch 4 Outline

Here is the outline for Ch 4 for those who prefer to make a digital copy of your outline.

Assigned: Tuesday 9/14
Due: Tuesday 9/28
Make a Study Guide

These are the instructions for making your study guide for Ch 2 & 3.  USE your powerpoint and outline to get ideas of what questions you should be asking.  The due date is yet to be determined, but you should get Ch 2 done immediately!!

Assigned: Tuesday 9/7
Due: Friday 9/24
Ch 2 powerpoint

From this powerpoint, you can print off any kind of hand out that works for you.  Also, you can look at animations to help you understand concepts

Assigned: Tuesday 9/7
Due: Friday 9/24
Chapter 3 powerpoint

This chapter contains more details that you have known in the past.  Use the hyperlinks.  Make handouts with lines to help you through lectures

Assigned: Tuesday 8/31
Due: Friday 9/10
Ch 2 Outline

If you prefer to go TYPE your homework, you can use this digital copy of Ch 2 outline.  YOU must print it off BEFORE class in order to use it on your quiz.

Assigned: Tuesday 8/31
Due: Friday 9/10
Ch 3 outline

This is the Ch 2 digital copy of the outline.  Again - you must have it printed off BEFORE you walk through the door.  I WILL be checking to be sure you work is your own -  however, I can't imagine any of you trying to take a SHORTCUT.  There is no shortcut to integrity! (lol)

Assigned: Wednesday 9/1
Due: Monday 9/6
Oobleck wks

This is a digital copy of the oobleck questions.  You MAY just write them on your handout, or you can type them on this copy and then print.

Assigned: Friday 8/20
Due: Tuesday 8/24
Chief Seattle & Video Rubric

This is the rubric you will want to use when writing your essay.  It will need to be stapled to the top of your essay - AND self grade.

Assigned: Friday 8/20
Due: Tuesday 8/17
Chief Seattle Letter

This is a copy of the letter that was read in class -- just in case of loss! (Surely MY students would never lose a paper!)