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Friday 8/20/2010
What you need to get started

Things to bring to class every day:

You will need your own calculater!  It doesn't need to be a fancy TI, but it does need to do scientific notation. If you have a cell phone with apps, you can download a scientific calculator that you can use in class.

Bring a notebook with a good pouch! or folder in it.  You will have many handouts that you will use for most of the year.

Especially bring a great attitude...we are bound to have fun!

Assigned: Wednesday 1/13
Due: Friday 5/21
Polyatomics help

This is a NEW polyatomic list, activity series list and greek prefixes.  Hope it helps

Assigned: Tuesday 11/3
Due: Friday 5/21
Compounds -Flow Chart

This flow chart is available for the whole year - review and practice

Assigned: Tuesday 8/25
Due: Friday 5/21
Significant Digits Web Sites

Here are lots of web links that will help you learn and practice the magic of sig figs and scientific notation.

Assigned: Monday 8/17
Due: Friday 5/14
Extra help websites

This is the BEGINNING of a list of helpful websites.  If YOU find a new website that has been helpful to you, and you feel it would be helpful to other students, submit it to Mrs. Smith.  It will be added to this list, and YOU will earn extra credit! So far, there are pages for Naming Compounds and Mole conversions.  What can YOU find?

Helpful Websites

Check out these websites for online practice.  You can get immediate answers.

LOTS of quizzes
There are many quizzes here - stoichiometry, mole to mole, etc.

Much more stoichiometry
Here are MANY more problems. Can you find more web sites??