Chemistry 111

This page is provided for those students who are taking College Chemistry 111. There will be lots of help on this web page.  Don't for get to go to the web pages suggested in your text book.

Monday 1/4/2010
What is a Pod Cast

Go to this web site to watch 2 short video's about pod casting from the CREATORS of chemistry pod casting (they are the authors of the pod casts that you have access to!)

Then don't for get to go to the computer lab to upload the cast that you need - and finally USE it!



Monday 1/4/2010
What Will You Need?

You will need a calculator of your own that you bring to EVERY class.  It will help you TONS if it does exponents, but it not absolutely necessary.  You will also need a sense of organization and a willingness to ask lots of questions.  Finally, bring a sense of Humor with you.  It will get you a long way!

Assigned: Wednesday 1/13
Due: Friday 5/21
Polyatomics & More

This is the same polyatomic list that is used in the high school course.  It also includes the activity series and greek prefixes.  You may STILL need to look up a few more - for instance, iodine polyatomics.

Assigned: Thursday 1/7
Due: Friday 5/21
Flow Chart

This is a very useful flow chart to help you re-learn to name compounds

Assigned: Tuesday 1/5
Due: Friday 5/21
Sig Fig Web sites

Try some of these web sites out to improve your sig fig skills

Assigned: Monday 1/4
Due: Friday 5/21
Syllabus Chem 111

Refer to this syllabus frequently.  We will try really hard to meet the dates, however they may be a little wiggle room in some chapters.

Assigned: Monday 5/3
Due: Wednesday 5/12
WEB support

This document includes many web sites that will be useful in preparing for your final exam.  Check out how you can get some extra credit.

Assigned: Thursday 4/29
Due: Tuesday 5/11
Ch 7 Formulas

Students - this is the starting document for chapter 7 formulas.  You may create a more intense "cheat sheet", by adding formulas that will help you.  Bring them to the test.  Be sure there is NOTHING but formulas on the paper.

Assigned: Wednesday 4/7
Due: Friday 4/23
Thermo Cheat sheet

This is your thermochemistry cheat sheet starter page.  You may add any formulas you choose to the original, however, you may not include any examples of use.

Assigned: Thursday 3/25
Due: Friday 4/16
Ch 6 Thermochem ppt

Hi all

Here is the GOOD version of the ch 6 ppt.  It is mostly finished exept for animating the slides.  It is still good for studying.

Assigned: Wednesday 2/24
Due: Friday 3/12
Gas Law Link

Check out the link below to view LOTS of animations about gas laws and pressure in general.  You can find both quantitative and qualitative information.