7th Grade Life Science

This page is designed to help out 7th grade life science students

Thursday 8/19/2010
What you will need for class:

You will all need a good notebook.  It needs to have either a pouch or a folder in it.  You will NOT be allowed to bring in a binder full of paper. 

A simple calculator will be helpful for the first couple of weeks.  It does NOT need to be fancy - just simple functions will work. 

Assigned: Tuesday 10/19
Due: Friday 10/29
Ch 3 PPT

Here is the Ch 3 ppt.  This ppt will be divided into several units with several tests.  There will be one final test that encompasses ALL content.

Assigned: Monday 10/4
Due: Friday 10/29
Ch 3 Pretest

This pretest is due SOON.  You have all received this in class, but just in case your forget it..... not that you WOULD!! LOL!

Be sure to note the page number and paragraph number where you found the answers on EACH question.

Assigned: Tuesday 9/21
Due: Thursday 9/30
Cell Model rubric

Sorry this was so long arriving on the web page.  Hopefully you all have your hard copy!!

Assigned: Tuesday 9/7
Due: Friday 9/17
Pill Bug Lab

I HOPE you don't lose your lab - and thus lose all of your data -- but just in case, here is another copy.

Assigned: Thursday 8/20
Due: Friday 12/18
Rubric for Scientific Method

You will use this over and over.  You may print a copy off whenever you need it!

Assigned: Wednesday 9/2
Due: Friday 9/18
Metric Staircase

Here is your metric staircase.  Practice it over and over for your quiz