Anatomy - 1st Semester

This page will be helpful for all first semester Anatomy students


Wednesday 8/11/2010
Things you will need for class:

You will all need a good notebook with a good pouch or folder.  There are many handouts for this class that you will use over and over.  (However, MANY of them will be available on this web site)

You will also need a good set of colored pencils.  I have several that you can check out, but they only have 12 colors and you will need many more.  It tends to stress students if you do not have your own.

Assigned: Thursday 8/19
Due: Saturday 12/18
Color Code for Anatomy coloring

This color code list is your code system for all the anatomy coloring assignments. 

Assigned: Tuesday 10/19
Due: Friday 10/29
Skeletal System ppt

Check out this ppt!  The hyperlinks will help you understand more.

Assigned: Tuesday 10/19
Due: Friday 10/29
Skeletal sytem outline

This is a digital copy of the skeletal system outline in case you prefer typing to hand writing.

Assigned: Monday 10/4
Due: Friday 10/22
Integument power point

Here is the power point for this unit.  Use to to review as well as access hyperlinks.

Assigned: Monday 9/27
Due: Friday 10/8
Integument outline

Here is a digital copy of the outline in case you prefer to do it on the computer

Assigned: Monday 9/27
Due: Thursday 10/7
Integument coloring

Just in case you loose your coloring pages - here they are again!

Assigned: Monday 9/13
Due: Friday 9/24
Tissue Coloring pages

These two pages are just for fun.  Those of you who would like to try high tech coloring - go for it!

Assigned: Thursday 9/9
Due: Friday 9/24
Tissue Outline

Here is a digital copy of your outline.  If you would like to type answers, just be sure to have it printed off BEFORE coming to class on monday.

Assigned: Thursday 9/9
Due: Friday 9/24
Tissue Powerpoint

Those of you who are checking this web site frequently, will have an advantage completing your outline.  This powerpoint has lots of stuff that will be helpful!!  I will leave it up so that you may access hyperlinks for studying.

Assigned: Tuesday 8/24
Due: Tuesday 8/31
Ch 1 powerpoint

This is the powerpoint for ch 1.  Check out hyperlinks AND roll your cursor over the icons.

Assigned: Monday 8/23
Due: Tuesday 8/31
Ch 1 Web page

This web page has MANY interactives to help you prepare for the ch 1 test.

Assigned: Thursday 8/19
Due: Monday 8/23
Ch 1 outline

This is the outline for Ch 1. Finish it as completely as possible. Sorry it is posted so late!  Hopefully the web site is now functioning well. 

Assigned: Wednesday 8/19
Due: Wednesday 5/19
FABULOUS Anatomy Web sites

These web sites will help you for BOTH semesters of Anatomy

Assigned: Sunday 10/4
Due: Friday 12/18
BONES on TV- Extra Credit

Here is a form that you can use for viewing Bones on TV for extra credit anatomy work.

Assigned: Sunday 10/4
Due: Friday 12/18
House on TV extra Credit

This is the form that you will use for your extra credit while watching House on TV.  This will be extra credit for your antomy class.

Assigned: Wednesday 8/19
Due: Friday 12/18
Prefixes, etc

Here is the list of prefixes, suffixes and root words that is our extra credit list.

Assigned: Wednesday 8/19
Due: Friday 10/30
Bones and muscles to know and love

You will use this list of bones on muscles from the beginning of the semester through the end of the skeletal unit.  There will be occasional extra credit bone ID questions on quizzes and tests BEFORE the bone unit.  I will tell you which ones to learn for each quiz.  If you do this, you will not only earn extra credit on your quizzes, but you will KNOW the bones before we get to that unit!