Physical Science - 2nd Sem

2nd Semester Physical Science Students will find lots of support at this web site.  Check it freequently  beginning in January of 2010!

Monday 1/11/2010
Blogging Reminder

I know that blogging is new to you all, so this is just a reminder to go to the tab at the left called Jill's Jots.  Take the link on that page and check out the blogging opportunities there.  Set up a google email account and or give me your private sign in name so that you can blog annonymously.  The rubric for blogging is on the same web tab.

Assigned: Tuesday 3/23
Due: Friday 5/21
Polyatomic list

This link will take you to a list of the polyatomics that we use in class.  If you can't find yours - here is another one!

Assigned: Sunday 3/21
Due: Friday 5/21
More Web Sites

Here is another page of web sites that will help you practice your naming compound skills 

Assigned: Sunday 3/21
Due: Friday 5/21
Naming Compounds WEB

The attached link has many web sites for practicing naming compounds. 


Assigned: Wednesday 2/24
Due: Friday 5/21
Compound Flow Chart

Here is the flow chart for naming compounds.  Hold it dear to your heart!

Assigned: Monday 5/10
Due: Monday 5/17
Alkali Earth PPT

This is Ashur and Cody's ppt about alkali earth metals.  Use is for study purposes

Assigned: Monday 5/10
Due: Monday 5/17
Carbon Group

This is the powerpoint for the Carbon Group by Dillon and Kelsey.  Watch it carefully.

Assigned: Monday 5/10
Due: Monday 5/17
Hologen PPT

This is Kaylee and Amy's Hologen  ptt.  Use is for preparation for your test.

Assigned: Monday 5/10
Due: Monday 5/17
Inner Transition PPT

This is Camie and Zac's ppt about inner transition metals.  You need to look at the handout with their statements, when you look at the ppt.

Assigned: Monday 5/10
Due: Monday 5/17
Nobel Gas PPT

This is the Nobel gas powerpoint by Taush and Kenzie.  Refer to it often.

Assigned: Monday 5/10
Due: Monday 5/17
Transition Metals PPT

This is Jon and Andrew's ppt about the transition metals.  It is VERY good.  Refer to it to prepare for your test.

Assigned: Thursday 5/6
Due: Monday 5/10
Rubric PT PPT

READ this rubric in order to be successful making your powerpoint!

Assigned: Thursday 4/29
Due: Friday 5/7
Acid Base outline
Assigned: Thursday 4/29
Due: Friday 5/7
Acid Base powerpoint

Use this powerpoint to reinforce content you are getting in class.  You will find a pH scale embedded in the powerpoint that will give you some pH's of common substances

Assigned: Thursday 4/29
Due: Friday 5/7
Acids Bases outline

Here is a copy of your acid-base outline.  Use it wisely!

Assigned: Wednesday 5/5
Due: Thursday 5/6
PT Project

Use this powerpoint as a model of what to prepare for class.

Assigned: Wednesday 2/10
Due: Friday 2/26
Outlines 8,9, & 10

Here are the three chapters that we are working on.  Use them to create study cards.  Your test will arrive before you know it!!

Assigned: Tuesday 2/2
Due: Tuesday 2/16
Gas and Fluid Project

This is our first big project together.  Let's make it great.  Here is a rubric to help that happen.  Be sure to READ it!

Assigned: Thursday 1/21
Due: Friday 1/29
Ions, Isotopes

You will all be working this worksheet soon.  I am making this available in case you loose yours or in case you were absent.

Assigned: Thursday 1/7
Due: Wednesday 1/20
Ice Lab

You will need to print this rubric off to prepare for our next lab.  Don't forget to go to my home page to print off a Scientific Method rubric.  You can also get a piece of free graph paper at

Assigned: Tuesday 1/5
Due: Friday 1/15
Density Lab

Here is a copy of the density lab that we will be working on.