Knowledge Bowl

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Thursday 1/7/2010
Lets Make a Deal!

This will hopefully entice you:  Check out the quiz sites linked on this web page.  I need 10 quizzes to land on my desk in ONE week.  I don't care who does them - even if one person does all TEN!!  If that happens I will cancel one of the early morning practices that are coming up..  The gauntlet has been thrown.....

Assigned: Thursday 8/20
Due: Thursday 5/20
2010 Knowledge Bowl Game Schedule

Check out the 2010 schedule!  Put each date in your planner! Generally, we will practice on the Weds before each meet.  That may be up for discussion come to our first practice and SEE!


Practice sites

These web sites will help you learn tons of both odd and common stuff.  These web sites could be the difference between a state title and....not.

Constitution and Ammendments
This link has lots of quizzes on amendments and the constitution and similar stuff - have a try!

Government Organization
This is how the governament is organized. Play around in here!

Amendment & Constitution
This web site has both the constitution and amendments as well as the history behind them. It also has the process of passing an amendment. PAY ATTENTION TO THE PREAMBLE!

World Geography
This site is a FUN way of learning world geography. You don't have to know it all. If each student learns SOME of it, our team will be covered. READ the short excepts beside the countries. We will take questions from this site for the first time during KB practice on the 18th of Nov

Taxonomy Quizzes
These quizzes will refresh some of your taxonomy information as well as add to it!

WOW - everything
Wow - I finally got smart and went to the home page of the previous two quizzes. CHOOSE a topic and go for it!

Literature Reviews
This is only one of many sites that I found with the google words - classic literature reviews. You can find many more.

Great Math Review
This quiz site has a good variety of math practice problems, from simple to complex.