College Biology 111

You will find everything you need and MORE to be successful in College Biology 111 on this page.  Come visit frequently!

Assigned: Wednesday 10/20
Due: Friday 11/5
Ch 5 Outline

Here is the outline for ch 5.  Test questions will be mostly made from this content and the discussions that come from it.

Assigned: Wednesday 10/20
Due: Friday 11/5
Chapter 6 Outline

Here is your outline for ch 6.  Print it off and bring it to class. Then refer to it OFTEN.

Assigned: Wednesday 10/20
Due: Thursday 11/4
Ch 5 Power Point

Hope this helps you understand !

Assigned: Wednesday 10/20
Due: Friday 10/15
Chapter 6 Power Point

Here is your Ch 6 PPT.  Use it wisely.

Assigned: Monday 8/30
Due: Thursday 9/30
Avocado Lab

This is the avocado lab.  Don't forget to add another question number --- What would you do differently? what more should be asked? what kind of data could be collected? other comments?

Assigned: Wednesday 9/8
Due: Friday 9/24
Ch 3 outline

Print this before class.  Test questions will come from the discussion guided by this outline.

Assigned: Wednesday 9/8
Due: Friday 9/24
Ch 3 Powerpoint

This powerpoint has hyperlinks that will further help you understand the concepts. 

Assigned: Tuesday 9/7
Due: Tuesday 9/14
Natural Selection Lab and Rubric

Just in case you misplace your lab.....

Assigned: Tuesday 8/24
Due: Friday 9/10
Ch 2 Outline

Check out everthing about Ch 2.  Compare the outline to the chapter.  Come in with questions about SPECIFIC concepts.  If you have no questions, there will be NO lecture.  Either way, you need to plan on a test over ch 1 & 2 on Thurs.

Assigned: Tuesday 8/24
Due: Thursday 9/9
Ch 1 Outline

Here is another copy of ch 1.  Hopefully you will not need it!

Assigned: Monday 8/30
Due: Tuesday 9/7
Population Lab

Here is a copy of the population study.  Go for it.