Jill's Jots

This page will provide classes with links to my blog site, where each student will begin to share their thoughts and insights into a plethora of controversial topics.  I've really changed the plan since last semester.  Our Jrs. and Srs.  will be creating the posts ( with my editing  and approval)   This should be interesting.

Assigned: Monday 10/4
Due: Friday 5/20
Blog Assignment

NOTICE!!!!  This is NEW instructions for the fall semester of 2010.  It may undergo a little more tweeking, but probably not.  There are instructions - requirements - as well as a rubric.  There are different instructions for 11th and 12th grade compared to 6th and 10th grade!!  There is also a FORM that you need to fill out to get credit for your blogging.  Let's get going!!

Link to Jill's Jots Blog site

This is the link that will take you directly to Jill's Jots - my classroom blog site.

Jill's Jots
This is the one you will need