Class of 2015

Hi parents/guardians and students of the 2015 Graduating class!  This page will always have the latest information about class projects, fund raising and fun.  I might even upload a picture of two, so keep watching.  If you need to get in tough with me, take my link on the Jill's Jots tab, and you can make a comment on my blog.  You can also email me at the address listed on my home page at this web site.


Thursday 1/7/2010
Pig Donation

I just want to catch up all the family's of the class of 2015. We all need to give a HUGE thank you to Amy Fort and family for donating a pig for the class's raffle!!  The pig should be ready sometime in February of 2010.  We will be organizing our project early that month.  Now we will just need the rest of the students to do their best to sell as many tickets as possible, to make the donation all worth while.  THANKS AMY!

Assigned: Sunday 2/14
Due: Friday 4/9
Pig Raffle Letter

This link will take you to our first letter about the pig raffle.

Assigned: Wednesday 1/20
Due: Thursday 4/8
Pig Stuff

Here is the advertisement for our fund raiser.  It has prices and drawing date.  More information will follow

Assigned: Tuesday 1/19
Due: Friday 1/29
Raffle Choices

Here are your options for your fund raiser.  Talk this over with your parents or family and decide which option is best for you and your class.  Turn in your vote during class.