Science Careers

I hope you'll all take a few minutes once each week and watch a short video about how you can use all the wnderful tidbits you are learning in your science classes!! - maybe even in a life pursuit.

Career Videos

Check these out these U-tube videos to examine careers in Science.  Write up a bulleted list of information that you learned and you can have 2 pts for each video.

Careers 2.1
Although this web site is British, it is still very applicable to American students

Careers in Science 2.2
This is the second in the series. Enjoy - and be inspired

Careers in Science 2.3
This is the third in the series about careers in science. It is a good opportunity for extra credit - and oh- you might get inspired too!

Chemical Engineer Career
This is a very short U-tube video about careers as a Chemical Engineer - Be INSPIRED!

Biochemistry Careers
Enjoy this very short video about the job of a biochemist. It is NOT beyond what you could accomplish!